Online marking made easy.

MarkUs (pronounced "mark us") is an open-source tool which recreates the ease and flexibility of grading assignments with pen on paper, within a web application. It also allows students and instructors to form groups, and collaborate on assignments. Its predecessor OLM (Online Marking) was originally written in Python on top of the TurboGears framework.

The MarkUs project is a re-implementation of the Online Marking system using Ruby on Rails. The goal of this project is to take what we learned from OLM and our forays into Web-CAT, and build a web-based marking tool that includes an early submission and testing system in support of test driven development.

Who's using MarkUs?




If you are interested in MarkUs and would like to try it out, there is a MarkUs demo installation available. For information as to how to use the demo instance please see our 'How to use the demo server' blog post. We hope you will enjoy it and please let us know how you liked it:

System Requirements

Note: As of now, the latest stable version is MarkUs 1.0-rc1. Here is our current deployment/configuration documentation. Please send us email if you have any trouble installing MarkUs — we'd be happy to help you out.


Release Date Version Notes
2014-3-20 1.0-rc1 Our eighth major release. Please see our Installation Instructions. Even if tagged as 'rc-1', please consider this version as stable as previous versions.
2011-10-09 0.11.0 Our seventh major release. Please see our Installation Instructions and our Release Notice. Patch from 0.10.1 to 0.11.0 is available here.
Daily master Note: This is not an official release, it is a nightly development snapshot. Installation Instructions

Style guide/UI library

You can download the UI library used for MarkUs, along with see examples of how to use it, in the official style guide.


Here are are some screencasts of MarkUs (reverse chronological order):

Helping out

Found a bug? Want a feature? Please email


Want the latest MarkUs news? It's available several ways: